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Club Front Page:

Welcome to our Page!

Our current indoor shooting schedule at the Taylor Rec Centre is:


Thursday's from 6:30 - 8:30pm - Last Day is April 20, 2017.


Sunday from 2-4pm - Last Day is April 9, 2017


After these dates we will be outdoors starting after Easter.


If you would like to try archery the first time is free, and we have bows and arrows for you to use and friendly members to help you out and get you started in a sport we are passionate about. 

NTAC Survey and Constitution

Hi Members!

The Board of Directors would like your feedback! Please take the time to fill out the survey at the link below submit using the submit button or print off and hand to either Graham or Tim at the next round of shooting indoors.

NTAC Survey


Also, please take the time to review the proposed consitution of the club which is available for viewing at the link below. While their is not any major alterations, we are updating the wording to make it a bit more readable (hopefully) and adding a few changes to reflect how the club currently operates. Our next meeting on May 1, 2107 we will be voting to adopt the constitution as it reads in the proposed draft below:

NTAC Constitution - Proposed

NTAC Constitution - 1997

Thank you in advance as your input will help shape the club both today and in years to come.





Well it has been a couple busy months at the Club! We have been seeing a lot of new faces during our indoor shooting times and with the kick off of our Junior program last week we hope to see this continue into our outdoor season which is (hopefully) just around the corner! Registration for our Indoor junior program is full but we are taking registration for our outdoor program that is slated to start in May (tentative day and time is Monday from 6-7:30).

Our Indoor league has seen some of our members achieving personal bests and some marked improvement in our scores since the league started in January. This league is set to be wrapped up in early April. If their is enough interest we will look at doing an outdoor league at some longer distances, FITA, etc.

Thanks to some of our younger members for trialling our Junior program before the initial launch - many of them were awarded Certificate of Achievements for their accomplishments. Good Shooting and keep up the good work!

Upcoming at the Club:

Our annual indoor 3D tournament is scheduled for March 25-26, 2017 at the Babcock Arena and the information bulletin is on the website under Tournaments. Setup will be on Friday March 24th so if you are available to lend a hand please do - Lots of hands makes light work!

The Basics of Archery Clinic with Tell Szoo’ and The New Totem Archery Club
March 24th from 5:00PM-6:30PM at the Babcock riding arena

Spend 1 ½ hours going over all the basics of archery to help you become a more consistent shot. Time will be spent covering all the basics of archery, and how different set-ups will benefit different shooters.

Learn what bow parts are called, what they do, and how they can affect your consistency.

Learn the importance of proper form, and how to obtain it for repeatability shot after shot.

Learn the steps and methods to executing a proper shot and follow through.

Lastly we will spend some time shooting and correcting everyone’s form.

Equipment will not be supplied, so please bring your own.
Please note we will not be working on equipment at this clinic.
Kids under 15 must be supervised by a parent.

Kids ( under 15 years old ) – 10$

Space is limited so please pre-register
with Tell at Backcountry, or call at 250-794-6667.



Happy New Year! 


Things have been busy at the club! We had our elections in November and since have been working hard on setting up a junior program that we are hoping to have up and running towards the end of March as well as implement a fun league shooting on Thursdays at no extra charge to members. The start time for scoring a round will start at 7:00 so if you haven't shot a round in a while (or ever) come down to the indoor club in Taylor and give it a try. the league is designed around self-improvement so you will be shooting against yourself more than shooting against others. We will be posting scores weekly for those who submit their scores.

The date for our Indoor shoot has been scheduled for March 25th adn 26th 2017 at the babcock Arena with details posted under the Tournaments tab. We are also currently working on collecting shooting dates from the other clubs in the area to create a shooting calendar for all the indoor and outdoor 3D and target shoots in the area that are available for download on our website for use on mobile devices from the Calendar tab of the website, just click on the lower left "+ Google Calendar".

Also we are in the process of updating our website so please be patient with us and contact us if you would like to see something added to the site (resources, etc.) and we will look at getting them added.

Shoot Straight!